Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Opposition?

Someone emailed me this pic (I'll have to get a better one) of the "strong" opposition towards incorporation for Mastic Beach. The sign reads: "incorporation is trouble, your taxes will double". It's catchy! It rhymes! But from what I understand you could only see the sign if you're walking; and really, who walks around these days? It's not even summer!

I appreciate differing voices on this issue but I wish it'd be a bit more professional. Stating that taxes "will double" is a bit of hyperbole. Will taxes go up? No one knows. As I stated in the other post, their proposed budget for the first year leaves the village with a surplus. Of course, the numbers on the expenses are a bit conservative (though I wonder if $30K for office expenses is a bit excessive) but to state that taxes "will double" is exaggeration, and based on very little evidence if any. I wish I knew who was doing this to give him/her a platform to air their disagreement with the MBVEC about incorporation (and in turn I'd give the MBVEC a chance to rebut). Does anyone know who may be doing this?

And what's with the crappy signs? First the MBVEC had one and now this Grover Norquist fan has jumped into the "I'll hire a homeless person to write a sign for me" phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

Is Bo DeBo riding with a latter in his trunck? Or, who is the tallest in MB? Perhaps the owner of the mailbox got his tax bill hopped up on his mailbox and a presto!

Anonymous said...

Meant to say Ladder!