Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MBVEC Meeting

So the Pattersquatch Creek Civic Association held it's meeting last night at the Mastic Beach Fire House to discuss the incorporation being handled by the Mastic Beach Village Exploratory Committee. Who was there? What did you think?

Some highlights:

There were about 200 people there, which was a bit surprising. There were some yummy treats there from Barbara's Kitchen (I believe). That was, pretty much, as far as my interest went. It was a textbook meeting along with reading of the minutes and so forth. There was discussion of the census, why it's required and how to go about getting the census done. One gentleman there, forgot his name, stated that if the homeowner doesn't want to give out information that "there are other ways of getting it" (paging Jack Bauer). This kind of alarmed a few people and they wanted to know what would be done with this information.

Nice going there guy. Have people thinking they'll end up in Gitmo as enemy combatants.

After the census they moved on to the proposed budget of the village's first year. Proposals are just that, of course, proposals; so they could drastically change. They were being a bit conservative with the figures leaving a surplus of $80K.

There were some heated moments during the Q&A, and I'd say about 70% of the people there are FOR the incorporation, with the rest of the 30% either opposing it or fence-sitting.

Questions? Thoughts? Share.