Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Mastic Beach Village Exploratory Committee (say that fast 3 times) is having their next meeting at the Mastic Beach Fire Department, February 2nd at 7PM. There isn't much information on the MBVEC web site on what will be discussed. But my guess is that it has something to do with the census, as evidenced by the ghettofab signs being posted around like this one on the right.

I'm particularly fond of the "will help for food" feeling that the sign gives out. Kudos to the Exploratory Committee for hiring a homeless person in these hard times to write up the signs. Thankfully, the homeless person was an excellent speller.

They're looking for Block Captains (whatever that means), and I'm guessing by the title that you get a shiny clean uniform to pick up the ladies. They all love a man, or woman, in uniform. Hopefully if one signs up to be a Block Captain, The Committee won't attempt a preemptive strike on the good people of Shirley, or try to annex Mastic. Will Pathmark become the area's Guantanamo?

All joking aside, I hope something good comes out of it (my personal feelings on the issue will be kept confidential for now). They have this GOTI (Get Out The Info) letter-writing campaign to inform the residents on what the aim is and to separate fact from fiction. Though the facts do seem as equally sketchy as the myths.

Check out The Committee's (such a clandestine secret New World Order feel to that name) website for more info.