Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Email From A Resident

The Smith Point Beach Property Owners Association is having a meeting at the Mastic Fire House, regarding the incorporation process, at 1:00 PM, on Jan. 24th. Although the residents of Smith Point were to be invited, only the members cherry picked by Delia McKernan were invited. The village attorney hired by the SPBPOA will supposedly take questions.

I find it unusual that this meeting would take place in Mastic, instead of Shirley, and that the residents of the proposed village have not received invitations for this event. Please post this event ASAP - the residents of Smith Point have a right to know what is being proposed in this area, even if these decisions are being made in a different town.

Best Regards,
Anthony Torres


If this is true I find it particularly shady on the part of the SPBPOA to hold a meeting and not invite all the property owners of the Smith Point area. Every property owner should be aware of what the association is or is not doing to improve the standard of living in Shirley. I urge anyone reading this who isn't aware of the meeting to pass this along and try to attend the meeting. Do not let others make decisions for you. Let your voice be heard! And I would like to know myself why the meeting is being held in Mastic and not Shirley.

-- Editor