Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mount Sinai Attack: Arrest Made


An arrest has been made in the rape and beating of a female bartender inside a Mount Sinai bar.

Michael Wachholder, from Rocky Point, was arrested Wednesday on rape, aggravated sexual abuse and assault charges. The 30-year-old physical education teacher in the Three Village Central School District is scheduled for arraignment Thursday.

If he's guilty I hope he gets "wrestled"-- being a Phys Ed teacher and all -- by some fellas once he's in prison.


Prosecutors called Wachholder a brutal rapist and said he has a history of criminal activity. Wachholder's attorney says police have the wrong man and that his client is willing to have a DNA test done to prove his innocence.

School officials say Wachholder has been placed on indefinite leave.

Bail for Wachholder was set at $450,000.

Acting County Court Judge Patricia Filiberto also issued an order of protection for the victim, a woman who was working at the Mount Sinai tavern when she reported being sexually assaulted on Feb. 3.

Wachholder's attorney, Jim O'Rourke of Hauppauge, told Filiberto that a man who accompanied Wachholder to the bar, described as an acquaintance, was the rapist - and he is cooperating with police in order to pin the blame on Wachholder.

"There may be a rush to judgment," O'Rourke said, describing his client as a lifelong Suffolk County resident who is married with two children.

In her statement to police, the bartender said Wachholder and the other man came into the bar around 3:30 p.m. and ordered a round of drinks. They chatted with her and one of the men showed her cell phone pictures of him holding up a trout on a fishing pole, explaining that the two men had gotten out of work early that day and went fishing in Smithtown, she said in her statement.

The man who had the pictures then asked her if food was available, her statement said. She was walking toward the bar's food service area when the man came up from behind and knocked her to the ground, the statement said.

He then smashed her head against the tile floor and sexually assaulted her, according to the victim's statement.

Suffolk prosecutors said the man who was at the bar with Wachholder did not participate in the attack, so police did not arrest him. That man is cooperating with investigators, according to prosecutors.

Wachholder pleaded guilty to first degree rape, aggravated sexual abuse and assault charges. He is expected to be sentenced to 18 years in prison at his next court date on Oct. 28 before Judge Barbara Kahn.


Disastronaut said...

makes me wonder what weird shit my elementary school P.E. teacher was up to. i hope he was above assaulting and raping a hole -in-the-wall bartender. something about the voice of a woman that sounds like she smokes two packs of cigarettes and drinks a handle of gin daily that really isn't sexually appealing... ewww, i just gave myself a really nasty visual.

Anonymous said...

Your an A**HOLE. And ONLY you would sit there thinking about what your Phys Ed Teacher was up to you heartless faggot! Maybe try getting your fat a** off you rotted chair in your skell house MOST LIKELY located in Mastic shirley and get a job you welfare crack smoking scum!

Disastronaut said...

yup, you've got me pinned pretty good here. i mean, except for all the nice things you claim i am which couldn't be further from the truth (scum, faggot, fat, crackhead?) i AM an asshole and i DO live in mastic beach. i think it's some sort of requirement. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Wachholder was always a creepy womanizer with his co-workers at Arrowhead. Despite welcoming a new child into the world a few months back, everyone knows about the affair he had with a fellow teacher.

Hopefully this coward gets the maximum penalty, and we can all pray for his children

Anonymous said...

I don't think he did...I knew him in high school and although he wasn't a model student, he was a decent enough guy and I just can't see it happening.
As for the comment above..just because you cheat on your wife, doesn't mean you are a rapist.

Anonymous said...

yes disastrounaut I too live in mastic and clearly remember reading a mailer that is sent to all new mastic-shirley residents to inform them that they must be an asshole to live here.. i was certified about 15 years ago..

Anonymous said...

This guy has been causing trouble around the area for a long time.....