Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Mess With The Sohail

via: Newsday

When a bat-wielding man walked into a Shirley convenience store and demanded cash, store owner Mohammad Sohail pulled out a rifle in self-defense. And when the would-be robber dropped to his knees and begged forgiveness, saying desperate economic times had pushed him to the edge, Sohail did the unthinkable: He put down the rifle - and handed the desperate man $40 and a loaf of bread.

(read more and watch video below)


Anonymous said...

Mohammed is the Man!! this is a good guy, I've been going to his shop for years and in coversation with him, i've learned he is a really nice guy. Its terrible that someone robbed him, I hope the man keeps his promise.

sammm said...

Wow I knew mo was nice but thats so sweet! but the robber is probably a crazy deranged drug attic. only in Mastic Shirley.