Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Fair

The fortune teller meteorologist had mentioned that it would be nothing but rain this weekend, but she was wrong. And I'm pretty sure those who attended the very 1st Smith Point Spring Fair were happy that it was a sunny -- though a bit windy -- day for everyone to enjoy. You can see more pictures of the event here, but they don't really do it justice. It was a very friendly environment, with a very lively band playing some older-than-me music. By far the biggest draw were the food vendors, the booths that had the little nick-knacks, and the booth by Lizard Man who was selling lizards and other exotic little critters for the kids.

But I was disappointed to find out that the Legislators scheduled to show up did not. Keith Romaine was a no-show, for whatever reason. And Kate Browning had emailed the organizing group that she folded like origami when her BFF objected was not able to attend. Something about an emergency and lamenting that she was not able to quit someone. I don't know what that could have meant. Still, everyone seemed to have a good time and that awesome grill donated by Home Depot went to a lucky person. And as much as I bribed the lady at the booth, she would not guarantee that my coupon would be the chosen one for the patio set.

Better luck next time, I say!


TonyTee said...

Just wanted to thank the editor for taking time out of your schedule to come and check out the fair. Next time, don't eat before you come!
We were sorry to find out that our local officials could not attend, for whatever reasons, but to say they missed out on a unique opportunity to be a part of one of the largest get-togethers for this community is putting it mildly.
I guess the "Mistress of Darkness" has more control over local officials than we realized. But with elections comming, I'll assume they wanted to remain neutral.(hocking up a lugee as I write that one!)
We had a great time, the vendors I spoke with for the most part did very well, and we're looking forward to having another one by summer's end.
Maybe then Kate will participate? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Kate Browning would feel about her BFF Delia if she read the e-mail that Delia sent out last week blasing Kate and telling everyone to rmemeber in November not to support her? Apparently copies of that e-mail were sent around to a lot of people in the community so more and more people now know how nuts Delia is

Anonymous said...

The fair was awesome. Great food, people, music and that guy dropping in the dunk tank when the little kids hit it was priceless. I really didnt think that fair was gonna happen but evryone in my family loved it!!!!

Anonymous said...

what is your obsession with delia mckernan.? if i was her i would get an order of protection against you you sicko.you sound like you want her & are obsessed with her.
id say you were a weirdooo.!