Monday, May 4, 2009

Mastic Beach Exploratory Committee Meeting.


The MBVEC is having their monthly meeting this Monday (May 4th) at the Mastic Beach Fire Department from 7-9PM. The agenda will be the census and petition. If you were home on Friday or Saturday you may have noticed volunteers handing out small packages which included a blank census sheet along with village incorporation info.

They'll be passing by to pick up those sheets -- if they haven't already -- so if you support what they're doing and want to see Mastic Beach become an incorporated village, fill out the sheet and have it ready for them. You can also drop by at the meeting on Monday and give them the census sheet.

The MBVEC is right on schedule with their incorporation. They've collected the necessary funds, are about 30% done with their census, and after that they will be presenting a petition to Brookhaven which would then have everything up for a vote (if I'm missing a crucial step someone chime in). This should happen around the end of summer, early fall.

The MBVEC has been working on this for 2 years. Another group started at the same time and has only raised $8K. Or is that $10K? Maybe it's $11K? I don't know, the number always changes. It's somewhere between nothing and $11K.


Agenda will be:

1. Census and Petition Update from the Mastic Beach Village Exploratory Committee and the Creation of Census Teams to Complete the Village Census.

2. William Floyd School Budget Presentation by the District Superintendent and/or a Member of the Board of Education.

3. Mothers Day Celebration with a Special Gift for All the Moms in Attendance.


Anonymous said...

I would think that at every meeting that the SPBPOA holds they should have to give a complete financial accounting listing all monies taken in and all monies expended in the village exploration. That is how properly run organizations do it.