Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kathleen Walsh Second In Command

People, I am not happy today.

As soon as I start to feel some relief knowing that my politicians are going to remain politicians Newsday reports that newly-elected Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko, a Democrat has picked Kathleen Walsh, a Republican -- and MILFish -- as his deputy supervisor. What kinda bipartisan crap is this? A Democrat choosing a Republican to be second in command?? This is not how it's done guys. There should be no love between parties. The way it works is that you show utter contempt for each other in front of the media and then at the end of the day you share a beer at the local bar and make fun of your constituents.

It's kind of like professional wrestling; without the charisma. And nut-hugging tights.

But fear not my fellow ideologues! The so-far-to-the-Left-they-can-see-the-Right group Code Pink is going to protest this ridiculous show of bipartisanship. They will be at the Brookhaven Town Hall as soon as they finish their signs done with pink paint they're buying at the Home Depot. The group is just waiting in the paint section for an employee to wake up from their slumber and come out of the break room to help them out. Don't hold your breath.