Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shaker Gets 16 Years

via: Newsday
Update at bottom

Joshua Cohen, 22, of Mastic, pleaded guilty Tuesday to first-degree assault in a deal that will put him in prison for 16 years - nine years short of the crime's maximum sentence. But first, Cohen laid out what happened when Evelynn, just 12 weeks old, roused him from a nap on June 24, 2007:

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The sentencing has been delayed.


bt said...

Ok, after reading the whole story I am thoroughly disgusted. This is disturbing.

Editor said...

You're welcome?

Anonymous said...

My God, how sad. This is the direct result, regardless of what others may think, when "Kids have Kids".

I have no empathy for the man who did this - but if this isn't a wake up call to all the teenage girls who are or may be contemplating pregnancy, then parents, HAVE THEM FIXED!