Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Disappointment. It Burns.

So I mentioned in another post how there was a Town Hall meeting this past Tuesday pertaining to a proposal by the Holiday Corp to take The Links Golf Course and turn it into a 450 unit apartment complex. I urged people to attend and see what everything was all about.

I'm glad to report that there was a staggering number of people that showed up to this meeting. Out of the 51,000+ inhabitants of the Mastics - Shirley area a whopping 8 people showed up. That's right, I know the number blows you away and you'll need an abacus to be able to comprehend the enormity of that number. Out of the people that live here .0000001% showed up (my Math is fuzzy).

Now, I know people get busy. They have lives they need to tend to. I can empathize with that. So if you were working, or had a previous engagement, or couldn't find a sitter for the kids and those Spawns of Satan can't be taken anywhere, I understand it all.

But if you just happened to be sitting at home and didn't want to miss an episode of Flavor of Love 45, or didn't want to miss seeing Brett Michaels make out with a skanky Rock groupie well I just wish you major discomfort on that arse you sat on. And that it gets so huge it'll make Kim Kardashian jealous (wow, I'm not even in the mood to google "kim kardashian ass". That's how dissapointed I am)!

Apathy is no excuse.

This is what's coming:

A 450-unit apartment complex to make the area look like a mini-Lefrak City.

A small little shopping center -- because we don't have enough of those -- that will most likely kill any rehabilitation project(s) that were proposed for Neighborhood Rd.

Four hundred and fifty units will most likely amount to at least 900 extra people congregated in one area (assuming there's at least 2 people per unit). With up to the same amount of cars, if not more. And being that the units are proposed as "senior living" that means that there will be a bunch of old people doing 5 mph on William Floyd Pkway (no offense to my geriatric readers).

And what happens if the units aren't rented out to seniors? Ah, there will be that wonderful word that starts with Section and ends with 8 that many people seem to make a family affair.

Did I mention the sewer plant that will most likely leave a pleasant smell in the air for the surrounding homes? Who doesn't love the smell of human feces in the morning?

Go ahead! Keep on not caring.


matthew said...

oh man, i should have just taken off of work to attend the meeting. i guess i had faith that there we're other community oriented people that would be looking out for the lot of us. neighborhood road has been looking much better but, yes, i can see how this'll just kill that project and send us unraveling all of the work the community has done to better itself. fuck.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your take on this. You know that when it's a done deal, people will have plenty to say and complain about. Just a reminder to those who couldn't be bothered to show up; if you didn't go to the meetings and make your opinion heard SHUT UP.

Editor said...

Thanks Matthew and Anon for the comments. If you know anyone in the area that isn't aware and would be interested let them know.

bt said...

Lefrak just stop it.

Editor said...

It's gonna be bad bt. Bad I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Although this property is zoned for 182 one acre single family homes, I would consider this to be the lessr of two evils. i do not personally support building of any kind on this property, but the neccessity for a 450 unit complex is not needed or warranted in these economic times. This area has has always been primarily single family homes, and should remain so.

MoGetch said...

When's the next town hall meeting?