Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A nice reader sent this (the bold is me, of course)...

Hey jackass get your facts straight before you go slamming somebody on a public thread (Fine, I'll do it in a private one?). A woman witnessed the accident, also thought Kim hit a deer. They both looked for the deer and couldn't find it. The woman then offered Kim a ride home to make arrangements to get her wrecked, non driveable car. Cause theres (there is or there are?) a lot of towing companies open at 4am. (Actually, there are. There are these things called "cell phones" and when you dial one you can call directory assistance to help you find a towing company that's open 24/7, like almost all of them advertise). Hitting an animal , Which she and another witness thought she did is a non recordable incident(which means you don't have to call the cops) The police would not write a report. So in the future make sure you know what the fuck your (you're) talking about before you put it in print (but it's not "in print").

As you could probably tell, the obelisk of brilliance above who wrote that is a family member of Ms. Sandvoss. And maybe they should save their story for the judge.


Anonymous said...

The above is actually all true. But theres a little more. Kim had SAID she thought she hit a deer. She was picked up by a good samaritan who saw her talking on her cell phone walking on the side of the road. KS was talking to a friend asking for help. The GS asked if she was ok, KS said no, she thinks she just hit a deer or something and her car wouldnt start, Good Samaritan and KS looked on shoulder and into brush and saw nothing (4:00 am, dark road, middle of January). GS offers KS a lift into town to await help (KS's car wouldnt start, its the end of January). KS gets drunk girl friend out of passenger seat of her vehicle and accepts lift into town.

During the 5 minute drive KS was talking about hitting a "deer", then her story changed... and "hitting SOMEONE" became very questionable. Good Samaritan left KS and friend off in town and IMMEDIATELY called police from her cell phone to report a possible hit and run. Police later told GS that unless GS told them to look for a human, they themselves probably wouldn't have found him, he was thrown pretty far into the brush and was wearing dark, crumpled clothing that made his body appear to be just a lump of leaves or trash (terribly sad, I know).

Good Samaritan thinks that KS was pretty coherant, but may have been drinking and driving because KS did tell GS she was bar hopping... but she also said she was designated driver so she only had a couple of beers. HOWEVER... and this is a huge "however"... that stretch of road is treacherous, between the darkness, speed and a stretch of road that you would NEVER, NEVER expect, or be looking for someone to be walking on, in addition to Mark wearing a dark overcoat (and probably couldn't have been seen under the best of circumstances) and on top of all that it being 4 in the morning in January (noone expects someone to be on the road at 4 am in the middle of winter)...the poor guy didnt stand a chance.

God Bless both Mark Telfer and Kim Sandvoss.