Friday, February 6, 2009

Darwin Award Goes To Kim Sandvoss

via: Newsday


A Shirley woman was under arrest yesterday after she struck a homeless man with her car and abandoned the vehicle and the victim, who was found dead nearby, Suffolk police said.

Kim Sandvoss, 44, was arrested at her home on Forest Avenue about 11:30 a.m. after police traced her through a borrowed car that they said she left by a road near Caleb Smith State Park in Smithtown. Because we all know that's the first thing you do when you hit someone with your car. Leave the car there and run in hopes that in the year 2009 Law Enforcement agencies haven't figured out a way to track the car. No. The Smart One, as she is affectionately called, thought to herself "I'll leave this car here to throw them off. Since it isn't mine they'll never figure out that I borrowed it."

The victim, Mark Telfer, 58, was a Vietnam veteran, police said.

The arrest came about seven hours after Fourth Precinct officers arrived at the scene following a 4:30 a.m. call about a car crash. They found a car with a smashed front windshield and front-end damage, but no driver, police said.

Nearby, the officers discovered Telfer's body in thick brush off the side of the road. Police said it appeared that he was on the right side of the road or on the shoulder when he was hit by the car and thrown into the brush some distance away.

Sandvoss, who has no prior criminal history, was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

She was to be arraigned today in First District Court in Central Islip.

Sandvoss has pleaded "not guilty" to the charge and ordered held on $150,000 bond following her arraignment. When located by police several hours after the accident, she said that she hit something and thought it was a deer. Let's think about that for a second. You hit a deer and you leave the car there and run away on foot? Doesn't sound right to me.

I received a nice email from a family member of Ms. Sandvoss.

An anonymous source has stated that Ms. Sandvoss was at Katies Bar in Smithtown getting her drink on before the fatal accident that took the life of Mark Telfer. This would explain the reason why the caring Ms. Sandvoss was not able to contact the police. Drunk dialing is not easy! How do you explain to the cops that you hit a manly looking deer? Also, the "borrowed" car is really hers but registered under someone else's name. I wonder how the little green gecko, the Progressive lady, or the black guy from the Allstate commercials feel about this?


bt said...

You realize that in order to qualify for a Darwin award she would have had to die, right?

Anonymous said...

Only God could love a face like that.

And what a bunch of B/S in that blabbering e-mail she sent to you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any update on this case? She needs to go to jail

Anonymous said...

finally after 10 months she was indited. It's about ime.

Anonymous said...

Origins in American Law
It is a common misconception that the presumption of innocence is embodied in The Constitution of the United States. In fact, “innocent until proven guilty” appears nowhere in that document, although several of the Amendments, taken together, do guarantee due process. The concept of presuming innocence goes much farther back, embodied in centuries of English case law. It did not make its first appearance in American law until the case of Coffin v. United States, 156 U.S. 432, decided by the United States Supreme Court in 1895.

The Coffin case dealt with a lower court judge who had refused to instruct a specific set of jury instructions regarding presumed innocence. The Court found that it was insufficient to simply explain proof beyond a reasonable doubt; juries must be told on whom the burden of proof falls. According to the Court, this principle is vital because, in the words of famous jurist William Blackstone, “the law holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer

Anonymous said...

This is her neice, you guys are talking a lot of b/s. You guys don't even know the full story first off, and of course that picture doesn't look good. Hello. It's a mugshot, they're not supposed to look good. My aunt is actually a sweet and loving person who did something wrong. But before you run your mouths maybe you should calm down and get the full story.

Anonymous said...

The above "email" is actually all true. But theres a little more. Kim had SAID she thought she hit a deer. She was picked up by a Good Samaritan who saw her talking on her cell phone walking on the side of the road. KS was frantically talking to a friend, asking for help when GS pulled up and asked if she was ok, she hung up with friend saying she got help and said to GS no she wasnt ok, she thinks she just hit a deer and her car wouldn't start and her headlight is smashed, so Good Samaritan and KS looked on shoulder and into brush and saw nothing (4:00 am, dark road, middle of January). GS offers KS a lift into town to await the help she called (KS's car wouldnt start, its the end of January). KS accepts, gets drunk girl friend out of passenger seat of her vehicle and gets a lift into town.

During the 5 minute drive KS was talking about hitting a "deer", then her story changed... and "hitting SOMEONE" became very questionable. Good Samaritan left KS and friend off in town and IMMEDIATELY called police from her cell phone to report an accident in which someone may have been hit. Police later told GS that unless GS told them to look for a human, they themselves probably wouldn't have found him, he was thrown pretty far into the brush and was wearing dark, crumpled clothing that made his body appear to be just a lump of leaves or trash (terribly sad, I know).

Good Samaritan thinks that KS was pretty coherant, but may have been drinking and driving because KS did tell GS she was out at the Smithtown bars... but she also said she was designated driver so she only had a couple of beers.

HOWEVER... and this is a huge "however"... that stretch of road is treacherous, between the darkness, speed and a stretch of road that you would NEVER, NEVER expect, or be looking for someone to be walking on, Mark wearing a dark overcoat (and probably couldn't have been seen under the best of circumstances) and then on top of all that, its 4 in the morning in January (noone expects someone to be on a parkway type road at 4 am, in the middle of winter)...honestly, the poor guy didnt stand a chance. GS truly hopes that KS really, truly didnt know she hit a human when she left that scene... for thats a terrible thing to have done, and if she did that will bring nothing but pain and sorrow to KS's life... because karma is a bitch.

God Bless both Mark Telfer and Kim Sandvoss.

Anonymous said...

Ithink if Good Samariton is going to tell her story she should include all her facts. First off GS told Kim Sandvoss she herself had been drinking that evening and that explains her wanting to leave the scene of the accident that she stopped at to help. Kim Sandvoss didnt leave the scene of anything she was driven by the good samariton. And GS if you assumed Kim Sandvoss hit a person on the 5 minute drive why not go back to the scene with her and call the poilce? why drop her off then call police? Some good samariton, most people would have called poilce and waited for them to come while accident victom waited in heated car on a very cold January nite. Kim Sandvoss was not drunk and made a terrible mistake by leaving with the GS. THERE WAS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT YOU GOOD SAMARITON and you know why you were in a rush to leave. Giod Bles You To

Anonymous said...

Also Good Samariton why would you drive someone from the scene of a accident that you thought was drunk and had hit a person? Im sure thats why the police called you the Good Samariton a legal term ( google it and see for yourself). And Good Samariton where were you coming from at 4 AM ?

Anonymous said...

After reading the Good Samaritan account, I feel that Kim will be proven not guilty. Kim, you are a great person and I think of you often. Your friend - Kathleen

Anonymous said...

What is it that is not clear here? We know KS, we know people she worked with (past tense) and we know she was at Katies Bar on 25 in Smithtown that night and we know there are enough witnesses that could testify that she was drinking.

Now that being said, she got behind the wheel of her SUV started to drive and hit something which turned out to be a person. Legally, it doesnt matter if she thinks she hit a bird, if she could have been proven under the influence or intoxicated, it's vehicular manslaughter. This is why she left the scene in a hurry, it's really that simple.

Therefore, run and hide you heartless b___h for as long as you can until your blood alcohol level (BAI)drops because you know it's only going to be a few hours for the police to trace the guy friend's vehicle she was driving to him and ultimately her.

This woman KS has a long history of stepping on people or manipulating people and situations to get her way. Every once in a while it catches up with these type people. Unfortunately, in this case someone had to die.

Anonymous said...

As clearly stated by GS both in the forum and to the D.A.; KS was "coherent", claimed to have been "designated driver" and had only "2 beers [all night]", which is exactly what the DA was told.

The D.A. did NOT however, ask if GS was drinking... that wasn't in question as GS didn't kill anyone, but for this record- GS was NOT driving under the influence and should it ever come into question, has video from the business she was at and witnesses to prove that. GS also had no intention of ever staying at the scene of the accident, as far as GS knew, the car broke down and she simply asked if the lady needed a lift into town... GS was never going to stay at scene, KS had her own vehicle to wait in if she wanted to.

KS refused to be dropped off at warm indoor location and requested to be dropped off at her "friends car", GS did NOT leave KS stranded on a "very cold January nite", that wouldnt even make sense as GS just picked her up to remove her from "very cold January nite".

To the retard that actually posted "why would you drive someone from the scene of a accident that you thought was drunk and had hit a person?" ... did you even read GS's account? KS originially stated she hit a deer and could use the lift to town, GS had no idea there was a person hurt until they had already arrived in town, seconds before KS got out of car.

There are only 2 people that know exactly what went on that night... and each person has their own perspective. GS had nothing to gain and only tried to help KS, if KS knew what she did and left the scene, then God help her.

And THATS the million dollar question.

Not whether or not GS was drinking, or why GS picked her up and didnt stay or anything else. GS did NOT commit a crime, GS did not twist KS arm to get into her car... honestly, what the hell are you people talking about here? "GS forces strange woman into car to leave scene of accident so said strange woman could get into big trouble"??? C'mon, how ridiculous.

Say prayers for both victims of this.

BTW- KS will prob be "not guilty", but I guess if GS had kept her mouth shut KS would have a better chance of getting someone to believe the "deer" story. But GS would have had a tough time sleeping at night for the rest of her life wondering if the man could have ever survived.