Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sex Offenders Gone Wild

So Suffolk County was set to close down the 2 trailers that were sitting out in eastern Long Island and having the homeless sex offenders moved to a facility in Farmingdale; but that's been scrapped when officials folded like origami from the community backlash.

Instead, the sex offenders will be given vouchers that would enable them to seek their own housing. MOST LIKELY AT A MOTEL. Although this is something that Nassau County is doing, it just seems an odd place to allow sex offenders to reside. Motels are, from what I've been told of course, places where many people go off to have their sexual rendezvous with their mistresses or sugar daddies or "mommy won't let me do it in the basement" - ers. I would think that the last thing sex offenders should be around is any kind of stimulation that would push them to act on what got them in trouble in the first place.

It's like having a recovering alcoholic live right above a liquor store.

The proposal for the facility in Farmingdale faced opposition when it was found out that the warehouse was within 1000 ft. of a roller hockey facility.