Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I first started this blog it was with the idea of bringing more attention (and cohesiveness) to the Tri-Hamlet. I figured most people under 40(?) didn't even pick up a local paper and we needed to know what was going on around here; who was doing it and why. And in order to keep this blog fresh and exciting I'd have to make at least one post A DAY to keep from having people get bored.

I've quickly come to realize that nothing ever goes on around here! This area is, especially in the winter, a bore. The events are uneventful. And save for the occasional community meeting, shooting, or sex offender moving in there's really nothing much to blog about.

So I am making some changes.

The Tri-Hamlet "happenings" will always take priority over anything I blog about but I'm also going to include things that happen in surrounding areas (that would include not only the Moriches, which I DO mention, but Patchogue, Bellport, et alii). I might even go as far as including anything that happens in Suffolk county - not just Brookhaven - that I think is relevant to us in the community or the county as a whole.

I'll try to update the Help Wanted section - even with the crappy economy - and include any rentals or properties that are for sale in the classifieds section (Realtors are you reading?). I'll hopefully have more View From Our Backyard pics as they seem to be very popular. Not surprising, of course. Again, if you have any pictures - or even a post - that you'd like to contribute email me. Sundays will stay the same, as I like to post silly-random-cooky-irrelevant to the island stuff just for a break.

So stay tuned. There will be some - hopefully - good and exciting changes coming!