Saturday, October 24, 2009

Laura Pizzini Killer Arrested

I too would be crying if I were going to rot in jail, dude.

The Suffolk County PD has arrested and charged with second-degree murder, 42 year old Guenter Wende for the fatal stabbing of 25 year old Laura Pizzini, from Mastic. Guenter, also from Mastic, is - or rather was - a cabinet maker who had a "...brief relationship with" with Laura back in July and was "...unwilling to let that relationship end as she was moving on," according to Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick.

A special thanks should be given to the SCPD for their work. Some people like to crap on them because many see them as overpaid with nothing to do; but when it comes down to it, they get the job done.

I know that for the friends and family of Laura Pizzini this murder will never make sense - it shouldn't for any normal person - but hopefully they'll find closure in knowing that justice will be served. There are so many cases like this in which the murderer is never found, and families could never truly move on.

Thankfully, this wasn't one of them.

I received this email from Laura Pizzini's mother:

Laura was an Angel on earth! Her personality was that of someone who was always helping those who had problems. She was always a listening ear, helping girls to get out of abusive relationships, loaning money to those who needed it, she was not ever in a "relationship" with this monster. She did some work for him and befriended him and most likely feeling sorry for him. He on the other hand wanted more and she said no. She had a boyfriend and he couldn't accept that. My daughter was a really beautiful human being both inside and out. She was loved deeply by her family and friends. A part of me has died along with her. It bothers me that just because in his sick mind he says they dated that is what is printed.

She's right, of course, that we don't know the whole story on how the two knew each other. All we have is Wende's version. My concern is that if indeed it is true - that they didn't have any type of romantic relationship and he just imagined it - the defense will come up with some insanity plea to get this guy a lesser sentence.

The email above is confirmed by someone who knew both Laura and Guenter (not sure if it's Guenter or Gunther):

Newsday and channel 12 have repeatedly printed the false info that she and Gunther were dating at one point... so not true! He was stalking her! Laura and I would be out together and he would constantly try to get in the middle of us, or pull her away from me as we were playing pool or something at good friends,and she would always tell him politely to "go away Gunther". But as in typical Laura fashion she refused to see bad in him (or anyone for that matter) and always said he was harmless. It is killing her family and friends to see this printed consistantly in the papers and on tv. She was/is a very dear, sweet friend of mine and deserves to have this falsehood corrected. Laura always looked for the beauty in everyone, enjoyed life to the fullest, did her best to help the underdog, She was just a perfect angel on earth, lets see more of that printed.


Anonymous said...

Truly an Angel. I could let you all know of that. She was/is a dear friend of mine & from my own observation this piece of trash never dated Laura nor was he worthy of such a beautiful soul

Anonymous said...

Laura was/ is my step-sister. My step-mother is CORRECT in saying "THEY NEVER HAD A RELETIONSHIP"! Laura and I were extremely close and I miss her dearly. We grew apart as some sibling do I went away to college and her she made a life for herself in our home town. When we reunited at our parents wedding nothing had changed we were still the same mischievous duo our parents pinned us to be. There is a slight age difference but we were siblings all and all. As sibling do sharing secrets, enjoying the occasional venting session and of course her taking the heat for some of the trouble we caused. This poor excuse for a human being who took my step sisters life not just from her but from her family and everyone she touched. He should more than pay for his actions. I am a Criminal justice student attending SUNY at Albany working on my degree. I never thought the statistics and things I read in my text book would ever hit me as so close to home. I will not be able to attend the court dates but I know my family who are in attendance will seek justice for my sisters’ murder. *~* R.I.P Laura*~*

Anonymous said...

you will be dearly missed and always remembered for a kind loving heart RIP LAURA

Anonymous said...

God had plans for her and she's going to guide us through this. That was always Laura. Where it were dark, she always saw the light . Always giving out a helping hand when they don't deserve it. Everyday I think about how could he take her from us. Why not the guy next to her. But anywhere would have been somone mourned and someone's angel. We love you laura and will never be forgotten. RIP Laura

Anonymous said...

I knew Laura soley from the nursery. I go there once a week and buy a single rose for my aunt every week since my mom passed away. Laura always was sweet and friendly. She would display one single rose and make it look special ad perfect allon its own.. A small good deed she didn't even know she was doing. I thanked her then and will thank her now.
To her family i am so sorry for your loss. I wish you closure and will pray for you all..
Kyla (farmingville)

Anonymous said...

To everyone who knew Laura:
She is still with us just remember her crooked smile and bouncy balls!!! The animal who took this wonderful,smart,loving,beautiful young lady from us will pay.Every time he looks in the mirror he will see what a pathetic animal he is.This is gonna sound kinda corny,but do what Ms.Laura would do empathize,smile,be kind and go on.But never forget what she has taught us.Laura is not gone she is in each one of our HEARTS.Lets make her proud and never forget BOUNCY BALLS,SHINY OBJECTS,AND MOTHER NATURE!!! EVERYONE BREATHE SHE IS ALWAYS WITH US.

Anonymous said...

Laura is still so deeply missed I still prey for her and her family, god willing that animal will pay, love yah and miss you Laura rip.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you. We went to school together, although I can't say I knew you very well. I can say I thought you truly were a lovely girl. In the end God will right the wrong and this animal will pay for what he did to you. Fly with the Angels Laura. @`~}~~~