Monday, September 21, 2009

A Word From The SPVEC

On September 21, 2009 at 7:00PM, the SPBPOA and their village committee are holding a meeting at the Mastic Beach Fire House about the "Historic Hamlet of Smith Point" and have invited people to come and make their voices heard to the media that they have invited. This push for the Hamlet of Smith Point has been initiated by 3 who lives behind Mavis Tire (not in Smith Point), one who lives in Woodland Estates (not in Smith Point) and one who lives by the bridge (but who's legal residence is in North Carolina, again, not in Smith Point). The whole reason for this sudden passion for the Hamlet of Smith Point is to prevent us from including all the residents of South Shirley in the village boundaries.

In their quest to push for the Hamlet of Smith Point, they have created the Smith Point Historical Society. We find this very interesting because according to the Town of Brookhaven, The Manor of St. George and the State of New York, there is no "Smith Point Historical Society". The representative of The Manor of St. George who advised us that there was no Smith Point Historical Society also stated that they did hear that one was being formed by Dominic Licata, a fellow cohort of Delia McKernan who is the President of the Smith Point Beach Property Owners Association and head of their Village Committee, the committee that wants an exclusionary village, one that does not include everyone who lives here.

The people involved in this are not Historians or experts in the history of Smith Point and much of the information they are putting out there is misleading and appears to be an attempt to confuse and agitate the community. This area was never called Smith Point or correctly, Smith's Point. Additionally, the SPBPOA's own village boundaries blatantly violates the "Hamlet of Smith Point" boundaries they claim so vehemently to want to protect, hence the sign being posted by Woodland Estates, when the area truly considered to be Smith Point goes from Havenwood (where CVS is) to the beach.

We are taking our boundaries all the way to the south service road of Sunrise Highway. The benefits of doing this far out-weigh the negatives. If we don't include this area, it will continue to be inundated with the problems that currently plague our community. The area will continue it's downward spiral and you will have to drive through this area to get to your pretty village. This also provides an additional tax base that would ensure your taxes would not go up - in this economy how many of us can afford another tax increase? Our village isn't about the rich and well-to-do, but about the average residents who work hard to provide for their families and want a nice, safe place to live and raise their children. The only way to really clean up this area is by including the whole community, not a section of it.

You cannot change history, it is what it is. You can however, make history by helping us take back our community from the dregs of society who have taken over and become a protected incorporated village, no longer at the mercy of Suffolk County and the Town of Brookhaven.



Anonymous said...

Went to the meeting and it seems that the SPBPOA is contradicting themselves by claiming to preserve the hamlet of Smith Point when their boundaries exceed further north of that area. We all know the real reason for this sudden push to preserve this so called history. (fear of the opposition) LOL

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