Friday, August 21, 2009

I've Got Crabs

Mark your calendars crab lovers! It's the 5th Annual Blue Claw Crab Festival and it will be held on August 23rd (this Sunday) at Marina 1 in Mastic Beach (take Whittier Dr until you hit water) It's being thrown by the "oh-so-popular-that-everyone-just-loves-'em-like-a-fat-kid-loves-cake" MBPOA.

Performing on the show mobile will be the Cascades, Stan Ziska’s Tangerines, Southern Heart, Kountry Kickers, and the Silver Slippers (can you smell the alliteration?).

Enjoy fresh-boiled crabs and crab cakes along with local seafood, arts and crafts and music from 10AM to 6PM. If you're not into crabs don't worry, there's all types of yummy artery-clogging food to whet your palette!

For more information visit their website or call 395-5432.


Anonymous said...

i cant support anything that Bob Scumbag DiBoner is part of. Im sure he will have his hand in the cookie jar again with this fair.

Anonymous said...

don't you mean bob "the boner"? lol. it's just a matter of time (incorporation) before the dirty civic leaders are gone from this area - then people will see the good ones and appreciate them