Monday, July 20, 2009

What's Going On At New Rooster?

So I've heard around the rumor mill, been told by a few people, and have confirmed with the Star Animal Rescue Foundation that employees at the New Rooster Kitchen (on Neighborhood Rd) have been dousing baby raccoons with boiling oil.

What? Yup, you've read that right. I'm as shocked to hear that as you guys are. The baby 'coons had to be euthanized unfortunately and the NRK is still being investigated. Why this happened isn't clear. I'm assuming that the baby 'coons were digging through their garbage and eating up any food that was around only to come back an hour later because they were still hungry.

That can get annoying, for sure, but it's no reason to go all gangsta on the little critters. Call animal control or a wildlife rescue group to pick them up so they'd stop eating your crappy food.

I ate there ONCE, long time ago and found the food to be horrible (not to mention the place looks and feels dirty, and I had ordered in advance and when I got there they hadn't even started cooking the food).

Ding How is my favorite place though the bastards don't deliver.

So if you hate the abuse of animals, even little critters, avoid that place at all cost! It should be avoided anyways since the food sucks, IMHO, and what they're doing is horrible. But if you get a kick out of some morbid thing like what they're doing well, whatever, knock yourself out.


Kevin C said...

Wow, I felt kind of bad at first, then I though about contending with raccoons, I was taught never to go toe to toe with those guys :o.

Oh yea, and that place is super gross.

Anonymous said...

Ding How is the best in the area. NRK is a complete dump.