Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Meeting for the SPVEC

On May 9th (this Saturday) at 2PM the Smith Point Village Exploratory Committee will be having a meeting at the Brookhaven Fire Department, which is right across the street from the Best Yet market on Montauk Highway (behind the gas station). Among the things to be discussed will be the upcoming fair, which is moving along nicely, village boundaries, and recruiting for volunteers who want to get involved and make the village happen.

Check out their site and the many sponsors they have lined up. Also, check out the items they'll have for the Chinese Auction.

Get involved!


Ruth said...

I think the SPVEC has been doing a GREAT job considering all the attacks they have endured from Delia.Now we know who is going to get this done and what a great job they did in putting together that fair for Memorial day weekend.I cant wait!!!!