Tuesday, April 21, 2009

William Floyd Teachers Save Jobs

Teachers in the William Floyd school district have agreed to give up $1 million in pay raises in order to save jobs - a decision that regional union representatives describe as the first major contract concession in recent memory.

According to union leaders, the district's 733 teachers overwhelmingly voted to accept a 2.5 percent pay hike next year, rather than the 3.5 percent raise originally negotiated. That's in addition to annual pay "increments" already built into district pay scales.

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Anonymous said...

It's time we learn how the Wm. Floyd School Budget works.

It is great to see that the teachers are working towards saving jobs, but let's talk about the school budget. Wm. Floyd's school budget was voted on and passed but some of the school clubs that were allocated moneys have now been cut.
How is this allocated money going to be spent?
Will the school board decide?
Will “District Office” decide?
Will the people that voted on money for these "cut" clubs decide?
Will these clubs be reinstated next year to "break" the five years that they would have been together, which would have qualified them for additional spending?

sam said...

Its really good to see that people are willing to give up a little to help the future of the kids.