Monday, April 6, 2009

Upcoming Community Events

Just a reminder. Don't let a little bit of rain scare ya:

There are 2 upcoming events for the Mastics-Shirley area on April 6th (Monday) for those who are interested.

At the Mastic Beach Fire Department house the Mastic Beach Village Exploratory Committee (MBVEC) will be hosting 6th District Councilman Keith Romaine. Romaine has been headlining "Taxapalooza", at different meetings sponsored by civic groups, and speaking on how to grieve your property taxes. Why someone would want to grieve their property taxes is beyond my understanding. I think dead taxes are a good thing. Let them die, lets not grieve about them, and move on. They're not like cute little puppies or anything. The meeting will be from 7-9PM and there will also be discussion on how the village incorporation process is going. Delicious cake? You bet your cellulite there will be some!

For the Smith Point/Shirley residents the Smith Point Village Exploratory Committee (SPVEC) will be holding it's 3rd meeting on village incorporation at the Mastic-Moriches-Shirley Community Library in rooms A, B, and C. The second meeting was a major success and this one will expand on the previous meeting, as well as give those who weren't able to make the last one an opportunity to see what it's all about. Boundaries will be discussed, volunteers will be recruited and there may be some cake. This meeting will also take place from 7-9PM.

Obviously, unless you have a doppelganger, you won't be able to attend both events. But if you're from the Shirley area, pass this along to your Mastic Beach friends; and do the same if you're from the Mastic Beach area and have friends in Shirley.

Get involved!

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