Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't Try This At Home

Suffolk County Police Fifth Squad Detectives are investigating a single vehicle crash in East Patchogue, which has left a Copiague man hospitalized with serious injuries.

On April 3, 2009, at about 12:48 AM, Steven Rowland, 24, of 127 Kerrigan Avenue, Copiague, was driving a 1997 Dodge Avenger northbound on Gazzola Drive in East Patchogue. At the end of Gazzola Drive, Rowland failed to negotiate a sharp turn into the westbound Sunrise South Service Road. Rowland’s Dodge went through a wooded area at the end of Gazzola Drive, over the eastbound and westbound express lanes of Sunrise Highway, going airborne off a dirt embankment on the north side of the highway, through another wooded area and overturning on Sipp Avenue off the North Sunrise Service Road.

Rowland was ejected from the vehicle and sustained serious head injuries. He was transported by ambulance to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, where he remains hospitalized.


bt said...

Where did this article come from? Are there any pictures of the damage?

Lori Mayor said...

OK, first off...starting an article about someone who is in a hospital bed with half of his skull missing with DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! is a little angering. This is someone I know, who was on my couch laughing and smiling two weeks ago and now his face is entirely unrecognizable and he has so much head trauma, we're not really hopeful. I spent over 12 hours last night, in a hospital waiting room...this is NOT what I want to wake up to...and thanks for the picture as well. This is not a fucking story for people to gawk over. This is someones life. Not to mention a sweet, loving 24 yr old kid.

Amanda Smith said...

Don't try this at home!? ARE YOU FOR REAL. I know this is a blog, but I doubt you'd be saying that if Steven was your best friend AS HE IS MINE. Failed to mention his mother got stuck in a NC airport for almost a day and couldnt identify his body until 2am this morning. Or that he'll probably be placed in a coma after this. OR THAT HIS SKULL WAS PLACED IN HIS STOMACH TO KEEP THE BONE MARROW ALIVE.

I hope your sense of humor used in your journalism amuses you, because it hurts ppeople who slept on hospital pullout beds waiting for news..

Lori Mayor said...

I'm sorry, let me RETRACT that statement..his entire skull cap has been removed...and used to sustain other bone marrow in his body...our best case scenario is that he's going to come out of this with minor brain damage and even the dr's told us not to be optimistic. so hes either going to be in a coma for months, have minor to severe brain damage, or worse of end up dead...this is someone love tremendously, who was the warmest, most laid back, sweet person you've ever met. I suggest you find a better way to word this. Why dont you think about if it was your brother, or your good friend, or son, or boyfriend? His indentify his body, which was unidentifiable, besides his tattoo...was unable to see him for 15 hours, stuck in an airport, because she was out of state. Do you know what that feels like for a mother? God...I could go on and on..bottom line is this really made me already horrible day, even more difficult. Thanks.

Editor said...

It's a press release from the SCPD.

@angry ladies that are angry
Sorry if you feel hurt by a simple headline.

Anonymous said...

@angry ladies - welcome to the internet?

I'm sure you've come across far worse headlines in the past and said nothing, maybe even chuckled a bit...but now that it is someone that you know we become super sensitive.

I am sorry to hear about your friend but I feel that your reaction to this headline was over the top. You hear much harsher things regularly on tv and radio talk shows.

Given the emotional state you are currently in, I don't think what you should be doing is surfing the web looking for stories about your friend and lashing out at bloggers.