Friday, March 6, 2009

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

So I'm waiting at the light to make a left into Surrey Circle and I'm behind a car with a sign that read "Boxer Angels Rescue: Rescue and Adoption". I have a weakness for boxers and bulldogs; not too crazy with pits. Not because of the rep they get -- I always say it's the owner not the breed -- I'm just not a fan of them. Though, admittedly if I had a choice I'd pick a pit over some tiny chihuahua or some equally small furry thing that doesn't bark but yap away.

Anyways, I google "Boxer Angels Rescue" and it takes me to their website. What they do is rescue boxers and put them up for adoption. Noble thing, I always say. It's one of those things people do but never get -- nor care to get -- credit for. So they have a link for the dogs that they have up for adoption and before I click on it ... I pause.

"Don't do this to yourself" I say in my mind. "You want one but can't get one yet and all you're going to do is torture yourself by looking."

So what do I do? I caved of course. But I refuse to torture myself without torturing others*.

*click on it, click on it, click on it. come on you know you want to!


Disastronaut said...

Fuck You!! i'm getting a boxer next (i have a golden retriever) and although i work at an Animal Hospital, with benefits of pet care being... uh... practically free, i just can't do it... sure are cute though.

Editor said...

Check out "Buddy". Oh man, what a great name too! BUDDY!


Ummm....I was going to tell you to get Buddy...he's adorable! I already have a Golden and a large Lab mix or I'd take him in a heart beat!

Michelle said...

We got a boxer puppy this past July... she is cute and a great dog. (We already have an adult dog too, so I'm not going to torture myself by looking at this website otherwise I'll be driving to go get another dog!) I recommend the boxer, good, loving dog, ... playful, friendly.

Editor said...

@SPN. Buddy seems to have recently been adopted :( With that face I'm not surprised.

Editor said...

Michelle, look at the site. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA.