Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast

Suffolk County Police Sixth Precinct officers responded to an incident where a toddler drove a car into a Medford building yesterday.

Latoya Clayton, 23, and Michael Comissiong, 58 (that's right, there's a 35 year difference between these two. Do your thing Michael! Don't hate the player hate the game), pulled into a parking spot in front of Lang Insurance, located at 2690 Route 112 at 7:11PM. Clayton, the driver of the car, got out and left the car running while she went into a check cashing business. Comissiong remained in the front passenger seat.

Their 20-month-old son was in a car seat in the backseat when he climbed up front and put the car in drive. The vehicle rolled into the building. Why the baby-daddy wasn't paying attention would be an interesting excuse to hear; regardless of how stupid it would be.

No one was injured and there was minimal damage to the building.