Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things Fall Apart

I've been writing about how Mastic Beach is working on becoming an incorporated village. The reason for it is because they feel they could clean up the community better than the town of Brookhaven by controlling everything at the local level.

The SPBOA (Smith Point Beach Owners Association) is attempting the same thing, incorporation. Now, the MBVEC (Mastic Beach Village Exploratory Committee) is miles ahead of this endeavor; the SPBOA is lagging behind for one sole reason.

Delia McKernan.

Delia is the president of SPBOA and heading the Village Committe for incorporation. And she lives in Mastic. Yes, that's right. A resident of Mastic is president of an owners association in Shirley. How that worked out is a long story, and probably for another day, but let's just say that members of the SPBOA neither trust nor like Delia and this latest incident is but one of the many examples as to why.

Over at Smith Point News there's a detailed account of her, and her husbands, attack on a resident of Shirley who has expressed his disagreements with the way she runs the association and the committe:

I got the story directly from their victim immediately after it happened. Anthony Torres of Shirley was shopping in Pathmark. While he was standing in the refrigerator aisle, another cart was violently slammed into his cart. When he turned around, he saw Steve and Delia McKernan charging towards him, screaming and cursing. Steve removes his jacket and proceeds to towards Anthony, screaming obscenities and racial slurs at him and I quote "you MotherF****** Spic". Delia tells Steve "no" about striking Anthony, but she continues with the cursing and verbal attack.

Mr. Torres sends email here and to the local media about his thoughts on the community so he's a well known person to many involved. There should be no reason to verbally and physically attack someone; even if they vehemently disagree with you on minor issues concerning the community. And quite frankly, not only is it unbecoming of a civic leader, but it's just a trashy and low-class way to react.

I will be updating this as Mr. Torres is trying to obtain evidence of the attack. Stay tuned...


lexi lee said...

get a life stop talking about other peopleeeeee.
loww life.