Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going Green

Gov. David Paterson announced Friday that part of the largest solar power project in New York will be built at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Power from the 37-megawatt plant will go right into the Long Island Power Authority grid. LIPA CEO Kevin Law says it's enough to power about 7,000 homes. Paterson adds the project will put Long Island in the spotlight.

“It's a benefit to Brookhaven Labs and to Long Island … it's going to transform our country’s value and ability to produce energy in new and exciting ways and obviously reduce carbon emissions from our atmosphere."

Paterson also says local contractors will be hired to install the solar panels.


bt said...

Hey, only what...30 years too late?

Editor said...

And it'll be another 30 years before every home will be able to afford solar panels thus making LIPA obsolete!

bt said...

Maybe instead of giving the money to the lab and LIPA they should have just given the homeowners solar panels.

Editor said...

Don't be silly. Homeowners don't have lobbyists.