Thursday, January 15, 2009

RIP Violet Cove?

In the summers you could pack over 200 people in the place. And if you're sitting at the Tiki bar, there is nothing but beauty to be seen as you look out to watch the sun set. Once you finish your margarita, or beer, you could hop back on your boat and head back home. That's how it was for quite a few people who frequented Violet Cove (also known as Anchors), the only waterfront restaurant/marina on Moriches Bay.

The place is closed now. The Real Estate listing (with Coldwell Banker), expired. If you drive to the place it looks desolate. Alone. And as dusk begins you tend to look around. The emptiness is deafening and a chill goes down your spine as you half expect the Flying Dutchman to come out and take you away.

You hear almost nothing but good things about the place. "What a waste that location is awesome," said Robert from Mastic. "The right person needs to take it over. But then the people have to patronize the place to keep it open."

"It's not bad but it needs to be renovated. I was there eating once and a small piece of the ceiling came down on an empty table near me. Thank goodness it was empty."

Potential is unlimited," said a past frequenter from Medford. "Will be a gold mine eventually when the right individual(s) own it."

Potential. Yes, it has plenty of it, but what went wrong? Was it poor management? A failing economy? It can't be the latter. When times are bad, people turn to vices to remedy their stress. Cigarette sales go up, bars get an increase of patronage. Besides, the place has been going south for quite some time.

"Another Paddy McGee's", said Robert. "That's what I would like for it to be. It's not that difficult to get there. By boat or car. With good food, music, and atmosphere word of mouth would spread quickly."

Of course, not everyone enjoyed the place. Or living near it.

"I'm glad", said a local neighbor. "Nothing but noise in the summers and sometimes the cops had to be called. Personally, I think it was a dive and I have no idea who ran the place."

So what does the future hold for Violet Cove?