Saturday, January 24, 2009

Graffiti Is So 80's

via: News 12

CENTER MORICHES - More than 20 businesses in downtown Center Moriches were hit by graffiti vandals this week, leaving residents disappointed with the new blight on their town.

Letters and symbols of all sorts were painted on surfaces like bus stops, brick walls and storefronts up and down Main Street. People say they noticed most of it early Thursday morning.

“This was such a nice, quiet town,” says resident Gabrielle Colby. “They have fairs and you can walk through, it's great. Now that you see the graffiti - you don't want your kids seeing that."

Chamber of Commerce President Judy Savino says it is the worst graffiti hit she's seen and admits graffiti has been a problem around for years. She says she even keeps a roller and paints in her office to repair damage quickly.

Carpet King owner Mike Ingram says he’s afraid if the graffiti is not cleaned up soon, it will deter shoppers. Brookhaven Town Councilman Keith Romaine says he’s offering a cash reward for information leading to any arrests or convictions.