Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dirt Cheap

Even though gas prices have plummeted in the past year (last year on this date it was over $3.00 for regular), some gas stations are being competitive and dropping their prices even lower than the average, which is at $1.89 in Long Island.

Long Island Gas Prices.com is a great site to visit if you want to know where the cheapest gas is. To no ones surprise, of course, the cheapest gas is at the independent stations. You know, the no-frills ones where you don't pump your own gas. Instead you have a guy with a limp and missing teeth who doesn't speak English asking you "how much my friend?" And it takes you about 20 minutes to explain to him that you don't want $50 regular, you want $15.

"No, no, fifteeeeeeeen"

"Yeah, yeah, fitty. OK"


You get the idea. Gas has gone up slightly since a couple of weeks ago (where you could find it for less than $1.70) but that shouldn't be too surprising as demand goes up.

Check it out, good site for cheap gas info.