Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Levy Gets Smackdown

In a "thank-you-Captain-Obvious" move, the Suffolk County Legislature overrode Steve Levy's veto of an order to begin steps to consider buying the 4.5-acre Shore Road parcel, which is located in the Harts Cove wetlands area.

According to Mr. Levy the land had already been destroyed by bulkheads and fill materials -- not to mention the rotting dead carcasses of his political opposition -- so there was no point in purchasing the land as it would ultimately be costly to the county (read: the taxpayers, all 10 of them). In other words, it's like New Jersey but not quite.

Of course, people see it differently. Including
Suffolk County Legislator Jay Schneiderman -- the bills sponsor -- who stated that the parcel in East Moriches "has a lot of rural space and rural character" kind of like Mayberry, but not quite. He understands that Mr. Levy was probably stunned that he was vetoed because it goes against his awesomeness but according to Mr. Schneiderman, "he has another crack at this. It does have to be purchased.”