Friday, November 5, 2010


The election for Mayor and Trustees for the Village of Mastic Beach is coming up, and I have reached out to the many candidates running for various positions. For the next couple of weeks I hope to get responses from them so I could feature them here, and have everyone become familiar with the candidates. This is the second installment of "Meet The Candidate", featuring Bruce Summa who is running for Village Trustee.

1)Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in the area?
My wife of 27 years and I, Lorraine, have been full-time residents since 1985. We have worked together owning a successful hair salon for over 20 years. During that time, Lorraine and I opened the doors of the salon once a month to provide services to the poorest of the senior community free of charge until we sold our business in 2005. I was also in the "Big Brother" program for eight years. I am semi-retired working just two days a week and have the time to serve Mastic Beach as a trustee.

2) Why did you decide to run and were you for or against the village?
I was an outspoken opponent of incorporation based on what I considered to be incomplete or fraudulent information as provided by the "exploratory committee". I am running for two reasons, a) I feel my management and people skills will be very beneficial for the residents b) I was raised to not be as critical as I have been without being willing to "step up to the plate" and put my "money where my mouth is".

3) What do you believe your responsibilities are as a trustee?
The duties of a trustee are to manage the property and the finances of the village. A trustee may take all measures, within the law, deemed expedient and desirable for the safety, health and comfort of the inhabitants. Also, power is conferred upon the trustees to acquire property for public improvements by purchase or condemnation for drains, waste systems, water disposal and public docks as well as the sale of abandoned or lost property. This is why it's very important to choose the right trustees for this job so that "abuse" of power does not become a "village standard".

4) What outside experience do you bring that can be applicable to the position?
The outside experiences I bring are business management and compassion for the community. I have been "dirt poor" and successful. Those experiences allow me to have empathy with all members of the community. I have had to create my success with my own money at stake and I will treat the taxpayer's money the same way. I have also been the president of the Nassau Cosmetology Association. As well as the Treasurer of the New York State Cosmetology Association. Which provided me the experience of working with others as a "board member" of these associations.

5) What do you see as the positives of Mastic Beach, and what are the negatives?
The biggest positive of Mastic Beach, besides it's fine residents, is the waterfront and beach and boating activities that are offered. The negatives are the abandoned homes and rental units that house gangs and drug dealers as well as the lack of sewers for Neighborhood Rd. which are necessary for the commercial development and expansion of our downtown.

6) How do you envision the Village of Mastic Beach in 5 years?
In the next five years, I would like to see Mastic Beach marketed as the best place for young families to have affordable homeownership on Long Island.



Betty said...

Interesting that Mr. Summa talks about incomplete or fraudulent information, yet on a weekly basis he put ads in the South Shore Press filled with incomplete or inaccurate information. I know because I was the subject of some of that misinformation. This week in the South Shore Press he is continuing to spew misinformation regarding the ballot placement and once again trying to imply that there was wrongdoing because he didn't know or understand the process. Had you done your homework, Mr. Summa, you and your 'team' would have known how this works. It is unfortunate sir, that you and your colleagues did not have the sense to hire an election attorney to help you understand how the process works. Is this how we can expect you to behave as a trustee? Instead of seeking advice from experts who understand a subject, you prefer to simply take action even if you don't know what you're doing and then get mad when it doesn't work in your favor? Or better yet, you'll take out an ad in the paper to complain that your lack of knowledge isn't your fault, it's a wrongdoing of someone else.
The Village Vision Team has worked tirelessly with various village attorneys and officials for over three years now, learning this process, understanding how village government operates and how to manage it. You spent that time mocking them, and then fighting to take away the right of Mastic Beach residents to vote on whether or not they wanted a village. No one cares if you opposed the village, plenty of people opposed the village. But you tried to STOP THE PEOPLE FROM VOTING! And now you want those same people to trust you. You lie, you tried to trample on our right to vote and your inability to recognize that when you don't understand something, its better to seek advice before you act on it are just a few of the unappealing qualities you have displayed thus far. Is this what the residents of Mastic Beach should look for in someone seeking elective office?

Anonymous said...

Betty what a bunch of LIES you just posted. Shame on you. The only reason your section of Shirley is included in the "Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach" is because of your bad behavior at some village meetings. Now stay home and mind your own family business.

Betty said...

Oh I guess I hit a sore spot with another cowardly anonymous poster. Nothing I've said is a lie. You really should deal with your anger issues. :)

Bruce Summa said...

A response to Mrs. Manzella by Mr. Summa

1) The Village Clerk specifically forbid there being a slate on the ballot at a meeting that your "vision" team attended.
2) The other candidates followed those direct rules as set forth by the village clerk.
3) Your team chose to be sleazy and use a "backdoor" manuever that may have been legal but was highly unethical.
4) Your team chose to skulk into the clerk's office 5 minutes before the petition submission deadline expired to submit what appears to be an attempt to subvert a fair election.
5) Mrs. Manzella is the "vision" team's first choice for village clerk and you can expect a village govt. by her and her vision team to obviously be unethical and function on the perimeters of legalities.
6)On Saturday, Nov. 6th, between the hours of 5pm-8pm, Mrs. Manzella's car was part of a 40 car motorcade that drove by the other candidate's homes at 5mph blaring their car horns in an obvious attempt to harass and intimidate the candidates and our supporters. Mr. Breschard's van was also part of that motorcade which was captured by my neighbor's security cameras. This is what you can expect from Mrs. Manzella and her "vision" team.

Anonymous said...

Betty you are a legend in your own mind. I have some news for you...the world doesn't revolve around you. Not everyone wanted the incorporation of Mastic Beach. We deserve a voice on the board and Mr Summa is my choice.

Anonymous said...

Hey betty, how much time do you have on your hands?!?! You have a lot to say, don't you??? i'll tell you what...Next time i have a paper to write, would you like to write it for me?? Please!!? Because with all the words and bullcrap you write, i can guarantee a fantastic grade for creative writing in my english class!!!

Betty said...

1. The village clerk does not have the right to "forbid" a slate. It is part of election law for people to run as a slate. Mr. DeBona was told that the vision team was running as a slate.
2. However in an effort to assist Mr. DeBona, they agreed to carry separate petitions for each candidate because Mr. DeBona's issue was that he did not want all candidates on one petition.
3. Just because you don't like the law does not make it a 'backdoor manuever' nor unethical.
4. We submitted the petitions within the time frame allowed. In fact, we could have mailed it by 5pm from the post office and it still would have been valid. But the actual reason for the 4:45 submission was that we wanted to break 500 signatures for each of our candidates, which I believe, we did. Another fact that angers you.
5. Once again you are making false claims about alleged 'jobs' I am seeking or that someone else is seeking for me. You did this during the village vote and here you go again...LYING! I have a job, Mr. Summa, which clearly you know about. You or your supporters have written about it on Topix many times and you have referred to it before. I have no intention of throwing away 15 years at my job to become village clerk. I do not have the time to devote to the daunting task of forming the village government as mayor, trustee or any of the boards or anything else. I will volunteer my time for tasks when I can to help our community, but will not seek and will not accept a position. I have made this clear on so many occasions yet you continue to lie about me in print.
6. You are correct that my car was part of parade that drove through the various corners of Mastic Beach to bring awareness to the vote and to the village vision team candidates. However, you are again spreading MISINFORMATION - It was about 20 cars between 5:30 and 6:30pm. We met from 5-5:15pm and started driving at 5:25 and we arrived at our destination, a fundraiser at 6:30pm FACTS!
The problem is that 4 of your 5 candidates live in the Osprey Pointe section of the community so they condsidered the drive down Wavecrest to Shore drive somehow attacking them. I hope you don't believe that we must stay away from Osprey Pointe because your colleagues live there? I guess you didn't hear any complaints from Washington AVe, or Neighborhood Road or Elm Dr or Lynbrook Rd, you know, THE REST OF MASTIC BEACH THAT IS NOT ON THE WATER. But again, you wouldn't know that because none of you live there.
Mr. Summa, you picked this fight with me a long time ago when you continued to accuse me of some underhanded way of infiltrating Mastic Beach village to become Mayor and that was a blatant LIE. You have never once asked me about it, you never tried to find out the truth but you had no problem putting that lie in print many times. I went to you home on Riviera Drive about a year ago and knocked on your door to clear up this matter when you first wrote it. Although there was a car in the driveway, there was no answer. I realize that you have no interest in the truth, you would rather write your fiction as it suits you. But dont expect me to let your lies go unanswered, particularly when you are continually making accusations about me. I'm not in this race. Nor are you running against Paul Breschard. Your oppponents are Mr. Biondi, Mr. Stiriz and Mr. Viola for the position of Trustee, 2year term.
I am always willing to discuss these things in person, should you want to clear the air. I would like to know why you chose to target me before and again now. To my knowledge, before these writings, I have never done anything to you and don't think I have ever even met you. Now that I have explained what my problem is with you, calling you out on the things you have said, I think it would be fair for you to explain what I have ever done to you that you find it necessary to malign my personal and professional reputation. Thank you.

Betty said...
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Betty said...

So glad you have the sense to realize that neither the world (nor the village) revolve around me. I realized that at age 3 when my sister was born. I agree that not everyone wanted the village incorporation. But we have a democracy and the majority of people wanted it. You certainly have the right to vote for whomever you choose as does every other resident. And I have a right to defend myself against Mr. Summa's accusations...and yours. Although its not easy to defend oneself against a are just another anonymous coward who attacks people without identifying yourself. As to how much time I have, I don't know why you are so concerned about my time, but yes I have quite a bit these days as I go for chemotheraphy every week and I have to rest in between. I find reading and writing, even if on the blogs, restful. But you really should write your own creative writing paper for your eight grade class. Asking someone else to do that is called CHEATING.